The Indian Zapper

Like all other electric bikes, but different.

Say goodbye to short distance cab rides.

Next time you get a ‘NO’ from your immediate cab hail, just grab your eco friendly electric- powered bike and zap along the urban roads.

Fueled by the ‘Make in India’ fire, the Volta Zap is entirely made in India and for India. So, you can expect the prices to be cheaper than the generic e-bikes out there.

Most of our senses are consumed by trying to keep up with the Indian roads pothole atrocities, luckily the bike comes with disc brakes and a digital display to give you a more reliable experience.

It has a purpose-built frame to remove and insert your 3kg battery with ease as well.

Do I have to pedal?

Yes and no. The bike promises to take you 60kms in a single charge and the regenerative charging will give you those few extra kilometers to make it till McDonald's.

It also comes with a pedal assist feature that gives 3 full-cycle wheel rotations for every single pedal rotation.


How is this any different from other electric bikes?

It has a really handy feature that might shape your buying decision, The Volta ZAP uses a lithium battery that can be used for charging all your mobile devices and also has a utility case built-in to accommodate them. Pretty convenient if you ask us.

If that doesn't sell it then get ready to feed the miser in you, the Volta Zap’s operating cost is said to be around 7 paise per kilometer.

Although the Volta Zap lingers around a max speed of 25kmph like the Spero-E bike, details about its pricing and top speed are yet to be disclosed by Volta Motors.