If people think Apple's gold Watch is less than $5000, "they're smoking crack"

That's what one man reckons, anyway

We already know that the standard Apple Watch will land with a US$350 price tag. But what about the solid gold Apple Watch Edition version?

One man reckons that particular model will punch your wallet with a staggering US$5000 sticker price.

The man in question, Greg Koenig, has created a 3D model of the Apple Watch's solid gold shell, and estimates that it contains 29.16g of gold. That's US$1200 in today's current market, although a company with Apple's bank roll can probably manage to wrangle a better deal if buying in bulk, especially if it has a dedicated team to snap up as much gold as it can when the prices are lower.

All in all, each Apple Watch Edition will probably cost Apple somewhere in the region of US$1500, once the innards, sapphire screen and specially hardened 18-karat gold are all taken into account - no small chance by any means, even for Apple.

Koenig goes as far as saying that "if anyone thinks Apple is charging less than $5k for the Edition, they are smoking crack". Strong words there, though we suppose Apple would quite like to walk away from each sale with a decent profit.

This isn't the first time the gold Apple Watch has undergone price scrutiny. In November last year, reports of a US$4000 price tag were flying around. The Apple Watch itself is expected to launch in April, which is when we expect the final official prices to land on our desks. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as they do.

[Greg Koenig via Forbes]