An icon in the making?

Luxury television brand VU will have you ‘Netflix and chillin’

Showcased on a global scale at CES 2016 earlier this month, VU finally gave the lesser mortals a chance to witness their new line of Iconium 4K televisions.

The mystic backdrop of the Cafe Zoe in Mumbai’s pulsating business/unwinding district served as the perfect setting for VU CEO, Devita Saraf to bask in the glory of her new marketing campaign featuring herself as the model and Flipkart as exclusive partners. Sorry for digressing, back to the televisions though. The 4K Ultra HD offering in the Iconium range consists of five new models ranging from 40in to 65in and each of them also have the full Smart TV feature set running on Android 4.4OS, DBX Audio enhancement and the already famous, Netflix and YouTube hot keys on the remote control.

Spending some hands on time with the 50in model, I was impressed with the smoothness of the picture and the colour gamut while viewing native 4K content via a USB drive. Of course, as is my usual practice, I dug deep into the systems menus and switched the artificial enhancements off to get a more natural picture. With the ambient sounds of beer and backed fish being served in the background, it was difficult to assess the sound quality via the DBX engine, but we will bring you a full test soon.

Also on display was the VU Play series that consists of models ranging from 24in to 55in and start as low as 11,500. The top-end 65in Iconium 4K model retails for 1,20,000 exclusively on Flipkart and is a bargain compared to its competitors pricing.