I asked Alexa my ICICI account balance, and she said...

Alexa, Google Assistant to help ICICI account holders know more

Now you can ask Amazon or Google about your bank balance, too.

ICICI has announced voice banking services on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, using which ICICI account holders can simply ask the smart speakers their bank account balance, last 5 transactions, credit card payment details and a lot more. Don’t worry, the speakers will not announce it out loud but will send a request to the banking department to send the information to your registered mobile device as an SMS.

ICICI Bank announced that it has integrated its AI-powered multi-channel chatbot, ‘iPal’, with the world’s two most popular voice assistant apps, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to enable its retail banking customers to undertake an array of banking services with just voice commands.

Simply download Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to your smartphone, or if you already have the respective smart speakers, simply link your account using a two-factor authentication process.