Huawei Watch takes on Apple Watch with ultra-fancy design

Bringing style to the Android Wear party

Huawei’s first smartwatch doesn’t mess about with naming: it’s called simply "Huawei Watch", and it’s among the prettiest Android Wear watches yet.

The Huawei Watch is a bit like what you’d get if you took the LG Urbane and then siphoned off the macho bulkiness. It’s an elegant metal-faced watch with only a bit of screen surround to fill out the curves.

Those who want to hold onto a bit of the bling factor can get the Huawei Watch in gold, but the more easygoing of the three main versions have black and silvery screen surrounds. After saying it’s that bit more reserved than the LG Urbane, we have to back-step a bit: it’s actually a wee bit thicker, at 11.3mm.

You’ll be able to get the Huawei Watch with leather, steel link or steel mesh straps, although it’ll be compatible with standard 18mm straps too if you positively must have a Spongebob Squarepants one.

What’s new, what’s hot? If you’re not bowled over by the design, how about the screen? It has a 400 x 400 pixel AMOLED screen 1.4in across, getting you 286ppi. That’s a good bit sharper than most Android Wear watches.

To give it that extra bit of an ‘this is a watch to cherish’ vibe, the display covering is Sapphire Crystal, not any piddly normal form of toughened glass. Other than that, though, we’re looking at a watch that’ll feel like most other Android Wear wrist-gadgets. Huawei says the Watch’s 300mAh battery will last 1.5 days between charges. It has a heart rate sensor, but no GPS on-board to make it a true sport-tracking star.

The Huawei Watch will cost between €399 (about ₹29,700)  and €699 (₹52,000) depending on the strap and design you choose, leading us to assume it’ll cost a similar number of pounds.