Huawei P10: Everything we know so far

UPDATE 26/02: P10 Plus spotted, P10 gets Pantone colour choices - All the rumours, leaks, and conjecture surrounding Huawei's latest flagship phone

When it came to smartphone surprises last year, Huawei's P9 was one of the biggest.

The first smartphone with a dual-camera setup where one of the sensors was black and white, it showed Huawei phones could compete with the big boys. It was then followed by the fantastic Mate 9, so whatever follows on next is sure to be flat-out amazing, right?

The good news is we don't have long to wait to find out. Huawei is all set to introduce a new flagship device at its Mobile World Congress 2017 press conference.

To keep you up to date until the late February reveal, we've sifted through internet rumours, gathered all the leaks doing the rounds, and dug up any and all knowledge of the P10 - so you don't have to. Here's what we know.


>>> It'll borrow design cues from the Mate 9

The Mate 9 phablet was easily one of the best looking phones of 2016. Or it was in its Pro and Porsche Design variants, anyway. We're expecting the P10 to follow suit, ditching sharp lines for smooth curves - and potentially a curved screen to go with it. It won't be as drastic as the Galaxy S7 Edge, but a slight curve could really make the P10 look like a class act.

Metal and glass will be the order of the day, too.

>>> You'll have paint-inspired colour choices

Bit of an odd one, this, but Huawei is no stranger to partnering up on its phones. Colour specialists Pantone have been brought on board to pick out the most popular shades for the new phone, and according to the latest leaks that means gold, blue, and, err... green. Because why wouldn't you want a snot-coloured phone?

Thankfully, it looks like there'll still be a grey/black metal version, in case you don't want a ridiculously vibrant phone.

>>> The screen is getting bigger

The P9 arrived with a 5.2in screen, but you can bet most 2017 flagship phones are going to go bigger. With bezels getting smaller, companies should be able to squeeze in 5.5 or even 5.8in screens, without increasing the physical size of their handsets. Huawei looks set to do the same, as a listing on a benchmark website showed. 

Expect a 5.5in P10, bringing it in line with the iPhone 7 Plus. Resolution should finally get a bump to 2560x1440, up from 1080p in the P9.

>>> It'll be seriously powerful, but maybe not so efficient

All signs are pointing to Huawei using its own Kirin 960 silicon for the P10 - the same CPU that appeared in the Mate 9. It's a 2.3GHz octa-core chip, and should arrive with a whopping 6GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage. 

The Kirin 960 is built on a 16nm process, though - that's old hat compared to Qualcomm's 10nm Snapdragon 835, which is on track to appeal in the Galaxy S8. That could make it more eficient when it comes to battery drain, so we'll have to wait and see if the P10 can hold its own in the longevity stakes.

>>> It'll keep the clever dual-camera tech

The two-camera setup really helped separate the P9 from the rest of the smartphone world, so it'd be a huge surprise if Huawei ditched it for the P10. We're not sure if it'll get the same 12MP+20MP setup we got in the Mate 9, or if Huawei will stick with the 12MP+12MP arrangement seen in the P9, but adding optical image stabilisation seems like an obvious move.

>>> It will have a fingerprint sensor...

... we just don't know where. Contrasting leaked pics have shown the P10 with a rear-facing fingerprint sensor, just like the P9 and Mate 9, but other versions show it with a sensor on the front, just like the Mate 9 Porsche Design edition. That could mean we're on track to get two variants of the P10 - and potentially another expensive Porsche tie-in.

>>> USB-C will be making a return

Because why wouldn't it? The flip-reverse it connection first showed up on the P9, and has appeared on the Mate 9 as well. There's no way Huawei would go backwards for the P10.


>>> We'll be getting a first look at MWC 2017

With company CEO Richard Yu in attendance, you know Huawei's going to have someting big to shout about at this year's Mobile World Congress. The press conference invite sent out to the media teases the "global unveiling of a new flagship device", so we were already betting big on it being the P10.

This is earlier than previous years, but with Samsung seemingly delaying the Galaxy S8 until later in the year, it gives Huawei its biggest chance yet to steal the show. Unless it turns out that new flagship device isn't a phone at all - or a completely new range of handsets, rather than the Ascend series we're used to right now.

The cat was seemingly let out of the bag when Huawei posted a teaser video, entitled "#HuaweiP10 is coming", complete with Mobile World Congress date in the thumbnail. This year's slogan is "change the way the world sees you" - the reverse of last year's "change the way you see the world". Does that mean a dual-lens camera up front this time, instead of on the back?

We'll find out for sure on Sunday February 26 at 2PM local time.


>>> 24 February 2017

Twitter leakster Evan Blass posted official-looking press images of the P10, showing it from (almost) all angles. They show off the often-teased dual cameras on the back, along with the front-mounted fingerprint sensor (a first for the P-series) - seemingly confirming most of the leaks we've seen to date. It gives us a good look at the phone's curved corners, too, but the grey colour doesn't give us any clue as to whether earlier leaks showing multi-coloured Pantone hues are real.

>>> 16 February 2017

A convincing set of leaked press photos appeared online, courtesy of Evan Blass/@EVleaks over on Twitter, and chinese website MyDrivers. Blass showed off three new colours, which sync up with Huawei's partnership with pantone. It means you'll be able to choose gold, blue and green versions of the P10 at launch.


The MyDrivers leak gave us our best look yet at the P10 Plus, which will borrow the curved display edges seen in the Mate 9 (and influenced by Samsung's S7 Edge).

>>> 14 February 2017

Huawei itself released the biggest tease for the P10, unleasing a video that seemingly confirmed the phone will be revealed at MWC. The message seems to hint at an upgraded front-facing camera this time, along with a possible iris scanner coming along for the ride.

>>> 26 January 2017

Three new coour variants seemingly leak, courtesy of China's Wiebo social media site (and spotted by GSMArena). We're not convinced that purple and mint green are goingto prove as popular as black, white and gold, but Huawei could still surprise us.

>>> 23 January 2017

Twitter inside @Ricciolo expects the P10 to be Huawei's most expensive P phone ever, and says the handset should get a reveal at MWC 2017. The Porsche Design Mate 9 cost an eye-watering €1250, so there would have to a monumentally expensive P10 variant to beat that.

>>> January 9 2017

TheAndroidSoul posted a quote from Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong, saying the P10 would be released in March or April. That doesn't rule out an MWC launch - it just means we'll be waiting a while before we can actually buy one.

>>> January 5 2017

Huawei announces the US version of the Mate 9 at CES, revealing it as the first handset to ship with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant built-in. This seemingly confirmed that future phones would have Echo-like functionality too - including the P10.

>>> 14 November 2016

The Huawei P10 breaks rank by appearing on benchmarking website GFXBench. The listing seemingly confirms most of the headline specs, including a 5.5in QHD screen, Kirin 960 processor and 6GB of RAM. There's no mention of dual cameras, though.