Huawei Mate S is the first Android phone to offer Force Touch commands

Beating the iPhone 6s, it's the first phone to feel the force

The Huawei Mate S is the first Android phone to go all Star Wars on us thanks to a Force Touch screen, which lets it sense different pressure levels for a whole new raft of gestures.

Dying to make your angry prods mean something? Well, the issue is that only certain countries are going to get the ultra-fancy Force Touch version of the Huawei Mate S. And we don’t yet know whether or not the India will be among them.

Is the Mate S worth bothering with if we don’t get a look in? It certainly sounds like a capable phone anyway. It has a 5.5in Full HD AMOLED screen with only a tiny bit of surround filling out the sides, and the neat metallic design we’ve come to expect from Huawei’s top-end mobiles. There’s a fingerprint scanner on the back too, which the makers claim to be an improvement over the Mate 7’s one. And that was pretty good already.

Like the Huawei P8 the Mate S also gets the slightly ridiculous ‘knuckle sense’ feature, allowing you to launch apps by drawing letters on the screen with (you guessed it) your knuckles.

On the less silly front, the Mate S also has the RGBW 13MP camera sensor we saw in the Huawei P8. We found that to be a pretty good little snapper.

You’ll be able to get hold of the Huawei Mate S from 15th September, and it’ll come in 32GB and 64GB flavours. We only have the EU prices at present, but the €649 (about 48,000) and €699 (₹52,000) prices tell you what to expect: they’re not going to cheap.