HTC teases a new smartphone reveal for IFA 2015 this weekend

Will we see the leaked Aero/A9? Sounds like HTC is ready to move past the M9

We liked the HTC One M9 a fair bit when it released this spring, but the biggest problem was that it just seemed too incremental an upgrade, and uninspiring. Compared to the amazing overhaul of the Samsung Galaxy S6, it came off half-hearted.

And quickly outclassed. We don't even have the phone on our list of the top 10 smartphones in the world right now, instead opting to replace it with the HTC One M9+, an enhanced version that outclasses its own sibling. That's how little lasting impact the standard M9 has had.

At least HTC recognises it. Rather than wait until next spring to unleash a new flagship, the struggling company seems poised to make a big splash at IFA 2015 this weekend with an forthcoming release: surely the HTC Aero (or HTC One A9) that's been leaked and rumoured regularly in recent months.

Today, the company posted a teaser image to its official Weibo account in China, promising an event for 6 September. That's all we know for sure, but the rounded rectangular shape of the shadowy handset does match up solidly well with the purported spy shot we saw of the phone last week (above).

Problem is, that spy shot wasn't very inspiring: in fact, from the back, it looks nearly identical to Apple's iPhone 6 at a glance, albeit a little larger. We hope it's not the actual device, because copying a rival's handset isn't likely to return HTC to glory. Still, the company has developed excellent, standout phones in the past, and that's exactly what we hope to see come Sunday.

[Source: 9to5Google]