HTC One M9+ promo shots leak online

Two Ones in one day. Watch this space for a third.

We already know that HTC One M9+ is expected to launch on April 8th in Beijing, after an invite previously flittered around the interwebs. But before the new phone gets held aloft on stage, some new promo shots have appeared online. Surprise!

Spotted by Chinese site, MyDrivers, the three images don’t give an awful lot away, but there is confirmation of a home button, which will likely double as a fingerprint scanner. 

Another image shows what appears to be a dual-tone colour scheme, first seen on the regular One M9, and the third is a close up of the screen, showing HTC’s Sense 7 skin. 

While it doesn’t give away the resolution, though we see no reason to believe that the 2560 x 1440 2K screen rumours are wrong. 

This could all, of course, be irrelevant information for Indian gadgeteers if it doesn’t make its way to our shores. However, there is hope. With the event being held in Beijing, it’s possible that Asia will be the first (and possibly only) region to get its hands on it. 

The M9+ is expected to arrive with a slightly larger 5.2in display, along with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processor, 3B of RAM and the same 20.7MP camera as the One M9.

Stay tuned for more news, as and when we get it.

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