HTC looks set to join the smartwatch party with its own... smartwatch

It's codenamed "Halfbeak" - a type of fish. Yeah, we don't know why either...

Remember back when Android Wear was first announced? The likes of LG and Motorola were listed as the official partners, we all got excited, and the year of the smartwatch was born.

What you've probably forgotten, is that HTC was also among the manufacturers listed on the Android Watch roster, and so far we've seen zilch in terms of Android Wear devices from the Taiwanese tech giant.

Things could soon change however. According to Phandroid's sources, HTC is working on a circular smartwatch with a 360 x 360 resolution display, codenamed "Halfbeak".

Far from being a bird with a severe injury, we discovered that a halfbeak is in fact, a type of fish. That information doesn't help much of course, but hey, knowledge is power.

There's no information on materials, battery life, sensors or price, so this is still very much in the infancy of the rumour mill's churning.

HTC will however, according to a leaker leaflet, have an event on 29 September, where we could see one or two new flagship smartphones launched.

There is a very real possibility then, that a smartwatch could make it on stage too, so join us in waiting patiently, and we might just give you a cookie.

[Pocket-lint via Phandroid]