HP is back into the high-end gaming segment with OMEN

Gaming laptops, desktops and accessories to supercharge your FPS

What’s that ominous feeling you say? It’s your FPS dropping and your teammates yelling through your broken headset for not rushing B.

But bad days behind, HP have finally decided to jump into the Indian gaming segment with its new gaming portfolio - OMEN by HP.

OMEN is a brand by HP that will focus solely on gaming, to bring gamers in India the much needed ammo to keep their competitive edge sharp.



Liquid Diet

Let’s start with the big bad machine, the OMEN desktop. Armed with the latest Intel quad-core i7-7700 HQ (4.2 GHz, 8MB cache) processor, it pushes out overclocking possibilities. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to push this ₹1,39,990 PC to its limit and have it fried and used as a toaster later, so OMEN threw in a liquid-cooling system to help you keep things under control.

A dual storage of 2TB hard disk with 128GB SSD should give you enough space for your games along with 16GB RAM to speed things up.

And yes, we get your eager eyes scrolling for the graphic card, it's got a 3GB GTX 1060. This liquid-cooled baby is a perfect example of specs over style and will start rolling out from 15th March.



We R lovin’

For the ones who thrive on LAN parties, taking your lucky boxers and box of luck is imminent. The OMEN 17 laptop is your best bud for such occasions, packed with the latest 7th gen Intel quad-core i7-7700 HQ (3.6GHz, upto 4.2GHz) processor and 16GB RAM.

It has a storage capacity of 128GB SSD + 1TB or 256GB SSD + 1TB, depending upon your need. On the graphic end, OMEN have gone ahead and provided options to fit your need and budget. You can opt for the model with GTX 1060 which will cost you ₹1,39,990 or pump up the game with an 8GB GTX 1070 costing ₹1,69,990.

So much graphic prowess in a 17.3inch full HD WLED IPS display with G-Sync seems like caging a bull that’s meant to unleash fear. Luckily, the laptop is VR ready. That said, you can now either ease into a comfort of watching dolphins or wear your lucky boxers and peep into Resident Evil 7 in full blow VR.



I like it small

On the budget end of things, the OMEN 15 laptop is running on 7th gen Intel quad-core i7-7700 HQ  (3.6GHz, upto 4.2GHz) processor along with dual storage options with up to 128GB SSD + 1TB hard disk and 16GB RAM.

It has a 15.6in WLED backlit IPS screen that comes with upto 4GB Nvidia GTX 1050. And a 63.3 WHr battery with Bang & Olufsen dual speakers should give you enough time and clear sound to complete your gaming marathons.

The OMEN 15 laptop starts from 79,990 and should save you some bucks if you wish to do serious gaming without the VR mumbo jumbo.

Frankly speaking, the average age of gamers in India are still in young numbers, thereby making these beasts nothing more than a wish list category due to the lack of pocket money. OMEN wants to change that, so HP outlets will have a Bajaj Finance scheme to pay 10,000 upfront and the rest on EMI. So that you can game without selling your kidney.



Steely click

OMEN have tied up with SteelSeries to bring gaming accessories under the OMEN banner. The OMEN keyboard with SteelSeries has five zones capable of 16.8 million colors.

Gamers can now program the 88 built-in macro keys for easy combos with just one keystroke. And the additional 20 keys in the most-used gaming areas support anti-ghosting so every command is well executed.

The keyboard is priced at 9,999.



Steely sound

Competitive gaming requires a good headset as much as it requires you to stay awake to play. Clear and crisp audio will keep you from being backstabbed by a cheeky enemy and who better to ask for this than the top eSports teams themselves.

Developed with input from top eSports teams, the OMEN headset is lightweight and comfy with a retractable mic. It is made by SteelSeries and costs ₹7,499.



Steely Jerry

With RGB lighting and zero hardware acceleration, the OMEN mouse made by SteelSeries has 1:1 tracking and DPI settings for being the MVP in every single match. It’s priced at ₹5,499.


Steely surface

The OMEN mouse pad, again, made with SteelSeries is 15.7 x 17.7 inch in dimension. This ₹2,200 mouse pad has a non-slip rubber base to ensure it stays hooked into one place even if you rage quit.