Hot Stuff: Outrageous new Magnum X-1 from Victory Motorcycles is a 10-speaker ghetto blaster in chopper chinos

If the exhaust pipes don't wake the neighbours, a 200-watt blast of Guns N' Roses certainly will

Motorbikes aren't supposed to have sound systems, are they?

Try telling that to American motorcycle manufacturer Victory, because it's obsessed with creating utterly terrifying-looking machines that make a lot of noise. Its latest creation, the aptly named Magnum X-1, looks as if a Harley-Davidson mated with a Kenwood audio system in a paint factory. Err, that's a nasty mental image.

So what does my money buy me?

It costs a whopping £19,599 (about ₹18.27lacs), so you want to hope it buys you a lot. That small fortune bags a set of 21-inch black billet wheels, the latest LED headlamp technology and a thumping 1740cc four-stroke V-Twin engine betwixt your thighs. Oh, and the aforementioned 10-speaker, 200-watt audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Hold on a minute, did you just say ten speakers? That's more than my car!

It's more than a lot of cars, actually, and certainly one of the beefiest set-ups ever committed to a two-wheeled machine. To put it into perspective, the Honda Gold Wing, which is often considered the Rolls-Royce of the motorcycle world, currently boasts a measly six-speaker, 80-watt SRS surround system in the latest model. Pathetic, huh?

It looks like a right hog to ride... 

We can't give you an accurate review because the bike has only just been unveiled and we are yet to have a go on it. But we can tell you it weighs over 350kg and features large, plastic panniers at the rear so it's highly unlikely you'll be able to "get your knee down" and "fling it into corners" like one of those fancy sports bikes. However, if you simply want to cruise around town blasting the latest Olly Murs single, it's absolutely perfect.

Does it come in any other colours?

Oh yeah, Victory allows its customers to go mad with the customisation options. Feel free to choose from a selection of windscreens, fancy chrome grips, shapely mirrors and a number of exhaust styles. You can even get a heated passenger seat for the love in your life.