Honeywell puts an affordable price tag on air purifiers

We fancy a blast of clean air

Let’s admit it. A breath of fresh air has become a luxury, and like everything luxurious, pure, fresh air comes at a cost too!

Fresh air is a privilege that most of us city dwellers don’t enjoy, so Honeywell is here with an affordable solution with its range of indoor air purifiers, specific for apartment homes. Now you can happily say goodbye to indoor air pollution, put your feet up, breathe in and breathe out, without having to worry about any pollutants.

Come on, not all of us live in penthouses or the expansive 3-acre villas with a pool et al... Compact apartments are home for the bourgeoisie, and something as compact as the Honeywell lite air purifier would be the only thing to ensure they can heave a sigh of relief in their living rooms.

Who would have thought that the air we breathe would come out of a compact machine? Tackle any kitchen emissions, dust, pollen, bacteria or any other pollutants in the house at the touch of a button and a price you can easily afford. You can order one for your apartment from Amazon at just 19,990. The design is sleek, the touch panel is a convenient way to purify the air you breathe and the child lock prevents your kid from fiddling with the new beauty around the house.