Honeywell mobile and AV accessories are now available in India

Need new cables? You’ll find ‘em in the Electronics Essentials range

They might be more famous for futuristic military tech and cutting-edge industrial products, but now Honeywell’s taking aim for your home with the launch of their Electronics Essentials range

Rest easy, dear reader. Honeywell’s not selling you a laser to mount on your car. Though we wouldn’t be surprised if they have something like that hidden away somewhere. (After all, Honeywell equipment was part of NASA’s moon missions.)

No, what you actually get is a range of accessories for your electronics gear. The Electronics Essentials range comprises surge protectors (and Honeywell’s so sure about their wares that they’re offering a warranty for connected devices), audio cables, Toslink (optical) cables, HDMI cables, charging and sync cables for your Android or iOS device, multi-port car chargers and HDMI to VGA and Display Port adapters.

So if you need some new chargers or cables, go check out Honeywell Connection.