Home-brewed blockbuster video-on-demand service from Reliance Entertainment

Presenting India’s first multilingual and multi-device HD movie platform

In a world divided by piracy, one brand seeks to bring our favourite Indian movies to the comfort of our homes in full glorious HD, at a price cheaper than a pirated DVD.

Yes, you heard right folks. At just 50 a month, you can enjoy Big B’s greatest dialogues whenever you want, wherever you want.


It should come as no surprise that India’s first video-on-demand service would cater to its incredible diversity. The one thing however, that is common among all Indians is our need for entertainment. Reliance Entertainment’s BigFlix seamlessly integrates diversity and entertainment by providing unlimited regional content across a number of platforms, while maintaining a smooth and clean user experience across the board. What’s more, BigFlix will have over 2000 HD movies in nine Indian languages to start with, including Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil, with others on the way. With us Indians, speaking (or at least understanding) more than one language, we can be sure there will be a lot of content for all of us.


Wouldn't it be nice if you had access to all your favourite movies anytime and anywhere? No need to answer that, we already know the answer is yes. Well, with the advent of 4G and fast data connections, that dream is now a reality. With BigFlix you can access your content from any internet-connected device, including smartphones, tablets, TVs (the smart kind), laptops and even gaming consoles. But wait, there’s more! All content is completely advertisement-free and for those dark times when there is no internet access, fret not, BigFlix has you covered there as well. So that you are not completely devoid of entertainment, you can download your favourite movies and enjoy them when you might be in a tunnel or on a remote island without Wi-Fi. Can’t finish watching the movie on your TV because you are late for work? Just continue where you left off from, on your smartphone. BigFlix allows seamless switching between devices.


The Indian consumer today prefers video over all other forms of media, so much so that it is estimated to be the primary source of information and entertainment for over 75% of the population in 2021 compared to 49% in 2016. BigFlix with its regional languages and aggressive pricing has a chance to penetrate the market and also reduce piracy. Partnering up with big content creators like Dharma, Disney, Viacom etc, ensures quality content for the consumers which is great considering the competition. BigFlix is all set to make a big splash in the video-on-demand pool!