HIIH cares for the environment by making an eco-friendly amp

Bong your sound desires

Designer furniture is winning us over these days.

We recently laid our eyes on an eco-friendly, non-power, non-battery-operated amplifier and it impressed up to bits. You'd probably question our sanity for recommending this, but it’s true. We are in our right minds and definitely on the right planet. HIIH’s Bong Amplifier works on the principles of pure Physics - place your phone in the given slot and the shape of the bong amplifies sound output up to 100 decibels.

Now that’s a low-maintenance and an eco-friendly option to those heavy-duty speakers you pay an arm and a leg for! Well, those come with their own brand of sound quality that we can neither doubt, nor deny. For now, you can order your Bong for ₹ 9,500 at www.h2hshop.com