Herman Miller re-masters the Aeron to improve posture while working long hours

The science of sitting upright

Come March and you can ask your office to gift you this chair if they’re refusing to give you a raise.

After all, if you're going to spend long hours in office, your derriere deserves something comfy. The art of sitting has been re-mastered by Michigan-based Furniture company, Herman Miller, who is the original maker of the iconic Aeron chairs. First introduced in 1994, the Aeron became synonymous with comfort at your desk, a design that has now been re-visited to ensure that sitting at your desk isn’t as tedious as it once was.

Sedentary lifestyle owners, there’s hope for you. You may now be able to avoid those bloody expensive visits to the chiropractor... The newest version of the popular design retains the distinctive silhouette of the iconic chair, with basic modifications to incorporate technology and comfort. Using technology to their advantage, have equipped the chairs to provide greater lumbar support and stabilise the base of the spine for an improved posture.

The body of the chair looks like it can provide the comfort the makers promise. Once you get this chair, no more excuses – you can lean back and focus on work instead of complaining. The makers seem to have done their homework thoroughly when it comes to giving good cushioning and support for your lower back.

Size matters

Available in three sizes [don’t take your size for granted and research well before ordering one] and three shades of grey – graphite, carbon and mineral – the chairs promise to deliver so much comfort at your workstation that any other ordinary chair just won’t stand a chance.

Comfort comes at a steep price of 90,000 upwards and are available with the official distributors across India. The next time someone mistakenly takes your chair in office, you shouldn’t take it sitting down!