Hard drives get hit hard

Sandisk showcases next-gen of ultra-fast SSDs, heralding the end of an era

Crashed! A headline used often in frustration by the modern desktop media mogul may well be a thing of the past.

Hard drives that have been the staple of desktop PCs, laptops and external storage for decades will eventually be swapped out for the substantially faster and infinitely more durable Solid State Drives (SSD). SanDisk is at the forefront of this revolution and have just announced their game plan for the immediate future with a portfolio that includes solutions for internal and external storage.

The Extreme 900 Portable SSD is the larger and faster of the two new model ranges launched. To be available in sizes ranging from 480GB to 1.92TB capacity, each of them also come with SanDisk SecureAccess encryption software to keep your private files…well, private. Bearing a promise of 9x faster speeds than external HDDs, they do make a strong case for themselves, even the top-end price of 89,990. The 480GB and 960GB versions will sell for 35,990 and 53,990 respectively.

For the more outdoor variety, the Extreme 500 is smaller solution, both in terms of form factor and capacity. Available in 120GB and 240Gb sizes, it still offers a respectable read speed of 415mbps, up to 4x faster than your generic HDD used to save and transfer questionable data. A rubber border runs around the case and SanDisk has also designed in a metal clip-on that enables you to clasp it to your bag or even a keychain. Prices start at 8490 for the 120GB, 12,990 for 240GB and 22,990 for 480GB, again not chump change but justifiable by the amount of data you can carry on the move without the risk of getting corrupted or crashing, due to heavy movement and rough use.

We’ll be bringing in a full test in the coming issues of Stuff magazine but at the demo event, an 8-yr old ageing Acer laptop booted in a record 13 secs just by swapping out the old HDD with a new SanDisk SSD. We were converted instantly.