GoPro is releasing its own camera-toting quadcopter

The ultimate GoPro accessory is finally flying your way (in 2016)

As if being able to go underwater, skateboarding, cycling and kayaking wasn't enough, the GoPro action camera is being taken to new heights. Quite literally.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman has announced that his company is getting in on the drone game, and plans to release its very own quadcopter in the first half of next year. Last year’s rumours have been confirmed and the company has recognised that the devices are core to its business, so it makes sense to build its own flying camera.

Noting that GoPro was a "consumer focused company", Woodman didn’t give an official price for the quadcopter, but seemed to imply that it will be aimed at a similar market to Parrot and DJI's drones. Woodman said that giving flight to GoPro’s cameras "sparks the imagination" of his customers, so when it does finally arrive we're expecting the company to be ready and waiting with all the accessories and add-ons people could want.

Quadcopters have, in recent years, gone from being a niche hobby to a major global market. You can read about the rise of drones in our feature here, and stay tuned for more news on GoPro's first foray into the marketplace in the coming months.

[Source: The Verge]