Google’s Arts & Culture app will prep you for your next hipster gathering

Cardboard-ready app is now updated with plenty of stuff from India

This might come in handy the next time you find yourself at a wine-and-cheese party with people who prefer Picasso to Pokémon.

It’s never much fun to be stuck at an art show with a bunch of beret-wearing hipsters busy twirling their beards while they drone on about something as eye-rollingly pretentious as "social realism in new media and the debt it owes to the participatory art movement of the 19th century". While we’d recommend you stick to the cheese (and wine) and leave the cheesiness aside till you can make a dignified getaway, there might come a time when you’re cornered by a society matron who asks you what you think about Matisse’s view of the human condition.

Plenty of stuff for the Louvre lover

That’s when you’ll wish you’d found the Google Arts & Culture app a lot earlier. From Cardboard walkthroughs of European museums and panoramic imagery of the excavation of Nalanda to all the dope on famous art movements and detailed looks at the works of artists like Nicholas Roerich, you’ll find everything you need to get through an art soiree without being found out as an impostor.

Google’s also revamped the app and website, and guess what, there’s plenty of stuff on Indian art, artists and art movements - from Amrita Shergill and the Madhubani tradition to a look at our crafts museums, it’s all there.

Science and tech ain’t ignored

But don’t fret that it’s all boring stuff packed with monocle-singeing buzzwords like ‘Neo-expressionism’  and ‘Spatialism’. Nope, we wouldn’t do that to you - you’ll find displays from science and tech museums and you’ll also come across loads of cool features on stuff like the history of aviation.

So, the next time your significant other drags you to yet another darned art show (and feel less guilty as you swill free wine while gazing blankly at what looks like paint spilled on a dishcloth by a hyperactive cat), you might want to go check out the Google Arts and Culture app. You can even access their treasure chest of cool cultural stuff on the web here.