Google Podcasts arrives on iOS


After launching last year on Android, Google’s much-loved Podcasts app has finally made it to iPhones and iPads. And it comes as a savior for the many who are stuck up at home and under house arrest.

For those who have been living under a rock, the app basically lets you find, subscribe and listen to a variety of podcasts across different categories. This is a redesigned version of the app that was launched for Android last year and basically breaks up the app into three tabs – Home, Explore and Activity. Home features all the current feeds that you have subscribed to while Explore showcases popular shows that you might be interested in. The Activity tab basically lets you check your Queue, Downloads, History and even gives you access to your Subscriptions, all at one place!

While the app was accessible via a mobile browser for iPhones and iPads, there’s really nothing like a native app with deeper integration into iOS. The app with the latest update is available for download for both iPhone and iPad users. Android users will have to wait a bit until Google rolls out the update in phases via the Google Play Store. But some lucky few may have already received the update.