Google Now: now available on your desktop

Google’s answer to Siri is venturing beyond your smartphone, starting with an experimental Chrome add-on
Google Now: now available on your desktop

We’ve got some great news for fans of Google Now – you can now access it on your computer’s desktop.

Google’s answer to Siri – and in many people’s opinion, the superior of the two personal assistant services – Google Now has so far been available only on Android and iOS devices.

But computer users running Chrome Canary, the experimental build of Google’s web browser, can now enable a Google Now feature that delivers the same kind of passively-generated cards as the mobile version. So you’ll get notifications reporting on weather, sporting results, traffic and reminding you of events.

Chrome Canary can be a mite unstable, so be warned that it may be a little rough around the edges. You can however install it side-by-side with the standard, stable version of Chrome.

For instructions about how to get Google Now on your desktop, click here.

[Via MacRumors]