Google Assistant update makes it easier to share your device with your roomies

This is one update you will be looking forward to

Google is on a constant pursuit to polish its Google Assistant.

Just a few days ago, The Verge reported that a sensitivity option was coming to Google Home that would make it harder to trigger the Assistant by accident. And now there’s another update that will make it easier to share your Assistant (both on phone or Home) with more people around you.

The new update basically comes to Assistant’s Voice Match feature, which now lets it identify the person speaking to it more accurately. Voice Match has been around for a while and basically lets your phone or Google Home know that it’s you and not your roomie trying to pull out someone’s number from your phonebook. After the update, everything from search results to calendar reminders will be personalised, provided you have set up Voice Match when setting up your Google Assistant, be it on your smartphone, your smart display or your smart speaker..

The update will also boost the voice assistant’s current capabilities that will let you say whole phrases instead of starting with just “Hey Google” followed by the task. So you can now simply ask Google, “Hey Google, play my workout tunes on Spotify,” or “Hey Google, remind me to buy some facemasks.” Basically, it lets you trigger the assistant and add the command in one go instead of accomplishing it in two steps. Google in its blog claims that Assistant will now be able to recognise up to 6 people and personalise results accordingly. Apart from the above, the hotword sensitivity will also be arriving in the same update that should be out in the coming weeks.