Gomorrah will be the first of many exclusive international hits by Tata Sky for you to binge watch

Running on Netflix and Amazon Prime’s bread and butter

1.5 lac towns with over 15 million connections. That’s the reach of Tata Sky in India and it’s only getting bigger.

Tata Sky has just launched its pop-up service called Tata Sky World Series which will give Tata Sky HD subscribers free international contents throughout the year. Gomorrah, an Italian crime drama series will feature first on Tata Sky HD set up boxes and mobile app (available on iOS and Android) from March 19.  We have watched the first episode of the critically acclaimed Italian series and it’s simply amazing.

It’s based on the book Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano and is set in the suburbs of Naples, focusing on organised crime and the relationships of gangsters, drug dealers, and ordinary people. Sounds like Narcos right? It somewhat is but much more believable and real, even without being a documentary. Though Narcos was glorified by Netflix to give it a dramatic spin, Gomorrah feels more dark and captivating. Maybe because of the fact that some shots in the series were shot in the actual buildings and houses belonging to the Mafia which are now confiscated by the police.

Only drawback being is you’ll have to read subtitles to understand the dialogues, but with a show that has 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes we don’t mind doing a bit of reading with one eye and watching the show with another. Squinty Sharma is the way.

Tata Sky is still a very heavy D2H service provider and with pop-up service like Tata Sky World Series, they wish to bring the Indian audience international hits throughout the year without any additional costs and also keep up with the binge-watching demands of the sheer number of people using it.

You can watch the entire season 1 and 2 in a stretch or simply go to channel #202 at 9pm everyday and the first episode will broadcast at 1pm on Sunday March 19.