The Godrej Eagle I security system should help you sleep soundly at night

Wireless alarm system makes it easy to fortify your pad against intruders

Can’t sleep the sweet sleep of the just as you’re too worried about burglars and other assorted bogeymen? What you need is a plug-and-play alarm system.

These are rough times we live in. Frankly, there’s so much crime around that even Batman would just throw his hands up and retire to a quiet beach. No, that certainly does not mean we’re recommending you form a league of masked superheroes or dashingly attired vigilantes.



What we really recommend is that you secure your flat with an alarm system. One product you could check out is the Godrej Eagle I Smart. Billed as India’s first plug-and-play home security system, it’s rather easy to install - plug it into a power socket, and that’s it.

It’s got a 5-hour power backup so any burglars that are sneaky enough to strike during a powercut will be left muttering, “Curses, foiled again”. There’s an included door sensor and remote control, and you can pair up to 40 more sensors that detect everything from skulking fiends to broken glass and even smoke.

The Godrej Eagle I Smart security system lists at ₹4,499, but we found it discounted to ₹3,299 on Amazon at the time of writing this.