Give your old snaps a new lease of life with the Google PhotoScan app

New app works some geeky magic on even the dustiest old Polaroid print

Got a heap of old snaps rotting away in a suitcase somewhere? Wish digital cameras had been around when you were a kid? We can’t go back in time, but Google’s new PhotoScan app should help you preserve all those cool memories from the days of Campa Cola, Doordarshan and Premier Padminis.

That’s right. Find some time over the next weekend and you’ll soon be on your way to digitising your old pics with PhotoScan. This new app creates ‘enhanced’ digital scans of your old photos. No, it’s not something the creators of CSI dreamt up on a particularly slow day, but an app you can get right now (iOS and Android).

Cool stuff you can do when saving your old, yellowed, dog-eared photos include removing glare, auto-cropping, perspective correction and smart rotation. Even better, you can upload your restored snaps up to Google Photos (which, thankfully, gives you free, unlimited ‘high-resolution’ storage).

Go on, what are you waiting for? The only downside is that your younger siblings might discover how mean you were to them!