Give your apartment a geeky makeover with the Oakter smart home kit

There’s nothing like switching on the aircon when you’re five miles away

Lusting after a fancy smart apartment with robotic butlers? We aren’t quite there yet, but a smart home kit should go some way in boosting your geek street cred.

A love of fitness trackers and fancy sneakers aside, most tech nuts are lazy. We’d rather just wave a hand and turn on the telly or coffee machine without having to trudge all the way to the darn switch. And the thought of arriving home to an already cooled room (lit by a trippy lava lamp, of course) makes us giddy with joy.

Turn it on

Lucky us then, as the Oakter smart home kit lets us do all this, along with giving us the bragging rights of a (slightly) smart home. Pick up one of their ready-made kits or mix-and-match from hubs, thermostats, smart power sockets and a touch switchboard to automate your bachelor pad.

Plug in your devices, pair your Oakter gear to the app, and that’s it - you’ve just taken a step into the world of IoT. Program your water heater to turn on an hour before you get up? Turn on the aircon when you’re still stuck in a jam outside your neighbourhood? Turn on your set-top box in time to start recording the big match? Program the driveway lights to turn on every night or when you’re on vacation? Easy as pie!

Oakter’s kits start at ₹4,750 - or you can pick individual parts (from ₹2,800) to create your own. Head over to Amazon to get started on your smart bedroom.