Gift your car an Anker Jump Starter Pro

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Yes, post the lockdown, if you haven’t started your car in the last two months, there’s a high chance that battery may be dead. However, to recharge it, you will have to take it down to your local battery shop, but how will you get it there? Jump starting your car is the only option to get that large iron-aluminum beast up and running. Ad to save you that trouble, Anker’s Jump Starter Pro could probably be the best tool. The Pro has an 8000mAh battery within that can not only jump start that worn out battery, but can also charge your laptop, or be an emergency flashlight and compass if you run into the wild unprepared. With 800A peaking at 12V, you can jump start your vehicle up to 15 times on a single charge. Now that’s the way to get introduces to the neighborhood gals when their engines won’t start too! Interested? This one is priced at just ₹8490.