Get your on-the-go Euro 2016 fix via the Sony Liv app

‘Tis the season for the tech nut to turn footie-mad

Sony’s entertainment app gives you live feeds, highlights, match stats and more. We just hope it can tempt football fans into staying away from Facebook

You’d have to be living under a rock on the far side of the moon to be unaware that Euro 2016 is underway. Yup, pretty much everyone on this planet knows it’s time to take out your faded jerseys, load up on beer at the liquor store, order some pizza and trash-talk your pals who support your fav team’s rivals.

But what if you’re on the move, perhaps far, far away from the comfort of a cushy sofa and a big-screen TV? No worries, dear football nut.

We’ve found an app (and website) - Sony Liv - that gives you live match feeds (all for free) along with nifty, ‘Internet-y’ stuff like live text commentary (useful if you’re stuck in polite company), real-time stats, ball position tracker and even a probability and momentum meter (pretty handy if you’re the betting sort).


But that’s only scratching the surface and there’s even stuff for newbies and sports agnostics who can’t manage to get away from their football-mad spouses and friends: A ‘Footy 101’ rulebook, a jargon guide and a forum to share your tale of initiation into the world of European football.

Okay, aren’t most of you glad we told you about this app? Now do the rest of us a favour and stop flooding our Facebook feeds with insane rants about last night’s match.