Get your fancy on with Squair iPhone cases

Japanese accessories brand launches 3 iconic covers

Would Sir care for some wine? Some caviar, perhaps? No? How about an exquisite iPhone case?

Ah, Sir seems somewhat inclined to know more. Well, the said iPhone cases, made by Squair, come straight from Japan, the land of the Samurai. And just like a Samurai sword, the 3 variants feature a precise construction, a beautiful finish and an eye-watering price tag.


The Edge

As the name signifies, the Edge is a metal bumper for the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus. The metal in question is Duralumin A2017, an aluminium alloy that is used in aircrafts. It is lightweight like plastic and strong as steel. Squair really despises screws and has completely done away with them in the Edge. The cover is all smooth, rounded contours with beveled edges. Priced at 27,350 for the iPhone 6 and 32,000 for the iPhone 6 Plus, the Edge comes in black, gold and silver.

The Dimple

Soft metallic waves run all along this metal bumper. This is what Squair calls a beautiful dimple finish. It apparently makes the phone ‘glisten with the organic beauty of a clear stream’. The Japanese clearly take their designs very seriously. The four separate parts of The Dimple are held together with a special latch construction. The cover is made of ‘Extra Super Duralumin A7075’, an aluminium alloy even stronger than the one used in The Edge. The bumper weighs just 17.5g and comes in black, gold and silver. Feeling splurgy? Shell out 54,750 for the iPhone 6 cover and 63,850 for the iPhone 6 Plus one.

The Slit

Can we just say whoever is coming up with these names is doing a great job? Keep ‘em coming. The Slit is sexy. Squair thinks it looks like the slats of a stately building through which the sunlight slants in. We think it sounds and looks like something that would be at home in 50 Shades of Grey. With its rounded silhouette and slatted look, the Slit looks amazing. It is made of the same metal as The Dimple, but the intricate, well-thought-out design makes this the crown jewel, the coup de maitre of Squair’s line-up of cases. It is available only for the iPhone 6 and can be yours for 1,82,500.

Jeeves! Bring out the Bentley. Sir feels a resolute and unyielding need to get a Squair case. Mere mortals can also order it through