Get a tan. Get a new hairdo. Get a cardiac arrest. All for only a little over ₹3.5 crores

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder will make you a good driver, whether you like it or not

After launching three hair-raising variants of the Gallardo replacement, the raging bull manufacturer now launches the balls-out rear-wheel drive edition, without a roof!


Bad hair day but no one cares

A new Lambo is always one to make you sit up and take notice. Even more so if it has words like ‘Rear-Wheel Drive’ and ‘Spyder’ in its name. Yes, that’s right, the mighty Huracan (which, in Italian means a storm, more or less) can now actually make you feel the storm while driving on the Yamuna Expressway or the Eastern Freeway.

Powered by a fast-dying breed of a naturally-aspirated V10 engine, it produces 580 horsepower at 8000RPM and churns 540Nm of torque through its rear wheels and rear wheels only. Now, if you think that’s a handful of handling, you’re perhaps right but our guess is as good as yours, until we actually bag one of these bulls to tame. But Lamborghini tries to instill some confidence with “specially” developed Pirelli P Zero tires for this RWD hooligan. Er, we mean Huracan.


Engineered inside out

The design has undergone some change at the front and back to differentiate it from the other variants. It’s more aggressive looking now, to match the bigger sac you might be carrying. But the changes aren’t just aesthetic. The large front air intakes aid in cooling but also to increase down pressure on the front axle and make the car that much more grippier. Even the brakes have been upgraded with lower weight and better cooling.


A topless italian

Of course, you want to know how fast the Huracan converts from a civilised hypercar into a rolling V10 concert on wheels. Seventeen seconds is all it takes for the roof to stow away in an orchestrated poetry of engineering and for you to start enjoying every paisa of your 3.5cr investment. Unless you’re stuck on a 7pm Gurugram of all jams. In which case, the 7-speed Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (we just like how it rolls off the tongue and so will you) dual-clutch automatic gearbox will come in handy.

Keen drivers would like to know that even the steering has been optimised for the RWD nature of this car, making it really a different beast altogether. What can also make you different is customising the Huracan to your heart’s content. More than 13,000 options can be available to ensure no two Lamborghinis are ever alike, so go on, get your own emblem made while waiting in line. No, we don’t mean at the petrol pumps, but good thing you brought it up. The new cylinder deactivation mode can shut down five of the ten cylinders during the aforementioned jam situation so you can still reach your destination without a pitstop.

Lamborghini has started accepting orders for this topless bull as of February 1, 2017. We’ll be able to afford ours in 2071. Just the way life is.