Get a Roomba free with a brand new iRobot Brava Jet m6

It takes two to tango!

The lockdown may have ended but the pandemic isn’t going anywhere and so are you. And so, it makes perfect sense to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner that can keep cleaning up the mess you leave behind while you focus on “working from home”. And Puresight Systems (the official distributor of iRobot products) now gives you two good reasons to buy the iRobot Brava Jet m6 robot vacuum mop. The first one is hassle-free clean floors (you already knew that) and the second one is that you get the job done twice as fast because you can now have two at the price of one. That’s because iRobot is giving out its Roomba 971/976 for free when you purchase a new Brava Jet m6.

Priced at Rs 56,900, the Brava Jet m6 is a top of the line robot vacuum cleaner that will keep your floors clean 24x7. It’s built from the ground up to handle larger spaces and can also handle multiple rooms all by itself and can also get into corners and dig into edges better, thanks to its square shape. And when it’s done, it automatically heads back to its Home Base to charge itself back up. And with the Roomba now free with every purchase, all of this happens faster.