Get on to the 360° video bandwagon with the Ricoh Theta S

Dual wide angle lenses make it easy to share your world online
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A 360° camera? Nope, we haven’t got our hands on the CIA’s wish-list. But this is something travel and adventure enthusiasts would drool over

The Ricoh Theta S ain’t your common or garden point-and-shoot camera.  With wide angle lenses on the front and back, its forte isn’t shooting cutesy puppy pics, but rather, getting a 360° view of the world. It’s slim size and velvety finish might make it look a lot  like a chocolate bar and it’s just as easy to tuck into your jeans as you deal with a pesky rock-face. But with no LCD, you won’t be stopping mid-climb to check out what you’ve been shooting. However,

Ricoh has a couple of apps out for the Theta S. Connect it via Wi-Fi and then use liveview mode to see what you’re shooting, or even edit and share your creations with the world.

As for the camera(s), 12MP,  f/2.0 sensors with shutter speeds ranging from 1/6400s to 60s means your low-light and long-exposure travel shots suddenly got more interesting than the artisanal chocolate you picked up from a farmers’ market in Berlin’s hipster quarter. You also get the ability to shoot Full HD, 30fps video, making it quite the essential accessory for anyone who thinks a spot of parkour or rock climbing before evening tea is what builds character.

At 39,995 it’s not exactly cheap but as videos shot on the Theta are compatible with Google Maps, Photosphere, YouTube’s 360° videos  and even Facebook, it’s easy for you to flood your friends’ social feeds with pics and videos of you doing cool, exciting things - something you can’t put a price on.