German luxury car brands find a way to keep their cash registers ringing

When you just can't stay away from a steering wheel

Lockdown doesn’t have to mean shutdown and that’s exactly what the suits and ties have done back at the big German brand’s India headquarters.

Both BMW and Mercedes Benz have launched new initiatives that let potential customers shop for their dream cars whilst making the weekly grocery list on another window on the same iPad.

Yes, you can configure, book and even get your shiny new luxury car delivered to your doorstep as part of the new programs being rolled out by these luxury car makers. BMW calls it the Contactless Experience while Mercedes dubs it the #MercFromHome, both offering their entire portfolio of new cars and also pre-owned/certified cars within your city.

Finance options, insurance packages, extended warranty and sanitised test drive vehicles, all at the tap of a few buttons. Audi, on the other hand, throws in a VR experience for a couple of their new models and even lets you pre-book the upcoming A6 online.

Whichever badge catches your fancy, the post COVID-19 landscape is going to be brutal for business, but if your wallet is causing you discomfort, get clicking!