Gear up for the great outdoors with the new issue of Stuff magazine

Plus just less than a zillion star-rated reviews to help with your next gadget purchase

Name us a sadder sight than people working out in the gym on a Saturday night? We’ll wait.

Seriously, just before the extended dry spell gets over, and no matter what the time Mother Nature has given you the world’s biggest outdoor health club for unlimited adventures with no monthly subscription.


And so the July issue of Stuff (India) has landed just in time for you to gear up for the great outdoors, getting fit anywhere, anytime with the best kit to tame the wild – and hopefully land you a personal best.

As well as tech for everything from micro-adventures to local park boot camps, triathlons and mountain treks, we’ve got the latest trackers, sports watches, footwear and apparel from all the relevant brands to ensure you at least look the part. Plus expert tips to help you get more from your escapes.


Parties in the park need a Bluetooth speaker so we instructed the help of one of the most accomplished songwriters in pop to pick out the perfect boomboxes for your tunes – some even come with built-in disco lights if that’s your thing (yes, we’re judging).

A scalding Hot Stuff section brings you 6 pages of Asus’s latest launches from Computex 2019, Samsung’s 8K TV, the newest tech from WWDC 2019, our reviews of the best headphones, latest phone launches and more…


Stuff’s network of tech experts have killed it yet again with many, many gadget reviews to pore over including the BMW Z4, we check out watches from Baselworld, phones and played Moto GP 10 and Rage 2, because, you, our readers deserve to be at par with the world of tech.

Pick up Stuff from all good supermarkets and newsagents, Clickety, click, click on the link now or grab a copy here to save yourself a trip to the shop. Don’t go trawling barber shops now.