Gamers should love the power-packed Honor 5C

Battery life, cool-running processor and a next-gen GPU adds up to an irresistible combo

Hello, gaming addict. You know who you are. And you do realise how finicky you can be about your gaming gear. But there’s now a smartphone that should tick off all the boxes - performance, endurance and value.

And you know just which new smartphone we’re talking about - the Honor 5C. It’s got a well-balanced set of specs, a great OS, and fantastic pricing. But did you know that while the 5C might have developed a stellar reputation as an awesome all-rounder, it’s also one of the best devices a gamer can get?

Packs a punch

First up is the next-gen CPU inside the 5C - the 64-bit Kirin 650. Based on a 16nm process, this new processor is smaller and runs cooler than the competition. So not only do you get blazing-fast octa-core performance, but since it’s a lot more efficient (remember your high school physics?), there’s very little heat generated. You know where we’re going with this - other smartphones might start off running well, but play a game for any longer than a few minutes and you encounter horrible lag as the chipset heats up.

Not so with the 5C - the Kirin 650 runs amazingly cool - and can run at high speeds for far, far longer than other gaming-oriented smartphones. And then, there’s the matter of the Mali T830 GPU which offers a 100% increase over the previous generation - and then goes that extra bit further by supporting the latest graphics APIs game developers use. 

Vibrant display

Performance is just one of the ingredients that go into making the perfect gaming smartphone. But you also need a nice, fast display that can make your fav games come alive. The 5C does just that with its Full HD, 5.2in IPS display which packs in a triple whammy: a crisp 423ppi resolution, vibrant colours and high brightness. It’s exactly what you need for a long spell of gaming - it's easy on your eyes, looks smashing and you can play wherever you are - even outdoors as you take a quick coffee break.

Loads of endurance

Don’t ever discount the importance of battery life when it comes to any gadget. What use is the fastest processor and the sexiest design if your new flagship device is out of charge by the time you board a long flight? But you’re covered if you have the Honor 5C. As we explained, the Kirin 650 weaving its magic inside is pretty efficient, and it also has a 3000mAh battery to rely upon. Even better, EMUI 4.1 (based on Android Marshmallow) has SmartPower 3.0 optimisations, which really boost the endurance. Long haul flight? Office conference (just get a seat where you boss can’t see you)? Waiting in a mall while your family goes mad over the summer sale? You’re covered!