The Galaxy S6 camera will be so clever it'll do the thinking for you

Prepare yourself for what could be the most powerful smartphone camera there's ever been

A recent blog post from Samsung's Senior Vice President and head of the Camera R&D Group suggests that Samsung will raise the stakes when it comes to smartphone cameras. 

The blog post talks openly about Samsung's previous phone cameras and the progress it's made, mentioning a "2015 flagship model" at the end. 

It states the camera in this phone will be "intelligent and do all the thinking for users, allowing them to take amazing pictures under any conditions", demonstrating just "how far Samsung has advanced smartphone cameras".

While it doesn't lay out the specifications of the Galaxy S6's front- and rear-facing cameras, it gives a pretty clear indication that it will build upon those found in the S5.

The blog provides a table (pictured below) that shows the incremental updates of the cameras found in Samsung phones harking back to the very first Galaxy S.

With the S5 sitting at 16MP and 2MP, and with the blog post stating the S6 will feature better cameras, we can make a strong connection with the rumour of 20MP rear-facing and 5MP front-facing snappers.

The 5MP front-facing camera is highly likely, as A7, A5 and A3 phones are all mentioned, with particular attention being given to their 5MP front cameras.

Samsung has said it wants to keep focusing on bringing professional quality photography to its smartphones. Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Phase difference Auto Focus (PAF) are both high on the agenda, as well as the software that runs it all. 

Samsung summarises it's intentions well, by saying "our users do not need to worry about the appropriate camera settings for different lighting environments or where to find different functions or how to edit and share the photo they just took." Seems like it's going for a more iPhone point-and-click-style approach then.

The Galaxy S6 will be unveiled in just over two weeks on March 1st at MWC, so we won't have anything concrete until then. Make sure to keep checking back on for the latest news. 

[ via Pocket-Lint]