Fully Charged: Surface Hub arriving late and more expensive, and the Minecraft champ is 10 years old

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Surface Hub delayed and prices bumped

The Surface Hub is certainly the biggest part of Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware push, but it keeps slipping out of view: it was already delayed once to 1 January, and now it's coming sometime later in Q1 2016. Also, it's going to be a lot more expensive.

The massive 4K screens have bumped up US$2,000 (over ₹1.3 lacs) for each size: the 55in model will sell for US$6,999 (Over ₹4.6 lacs), while the 84in version goes for a whopping US$19,999 (₹13.23 lacs). Microsoft's reasoning? They figured people will pay for 'em. "We believe these are the right prices to drive the business and the category forward," a spokesperson told ZDNet.

[Source: ZDNet]

Minecraft champion is 10 years old

Minecraft had sold more than 70 million copies across all platforms as of last summer, so it's fair to say that its appeal is rather wide - and it transcends age groups. In fact, while many adults love the block-based game, the newly crowned Minecraft National Champion is just 10 years old. (Kids these days!)

Los Angeles native Julien Wiltshire won the award in Super League Gaming's championship, topping more than 1,000 total competitors by earning points in an array of custom mods. He won a US$5,000 scholarship and a trophy, and his school team at Seven Arrows Elementary in Pacific Palisades, California also won a US$10,000 scholarship to share.

[Source: PR NewsWire]

Google and Ford team for self-driving cars

Google has been testing its self-driving car (seen above) on the streets of California for some time, but it might team with a big car-making partner before taking the next step towards bringing autonomous cars to the masses. And that partner is reportedly U.S. car giant Ford, according to a report from Yahoo Autos.

Ford and Google will reportedly announce the news at CES 2016 next month, with a joint company formed to push forward the technology. Google is already deep into testing for its self-driving tech, while Ford has the infrastructure and knowhow to build large amounts of cars. This reportedly won't be an exclusive deal, but it still sounds like a significant step towards finally getting those cars into the hands of eager buyers.

[Source: Yahoo Autos]

Rare shows off cancelled Dream game

Rare's glory days are sadly in the past, as the legendary game developer has spent the last few years making Kinect Sports entries - but if you have a lot of lingering love for its past efforts, give this video a look. It's the first-ever look at Dream, a role-playing adventure that was in the works for the Super Nintendo and eventually Nintendo 64 before it was canned and turned into Banjo-Kazooie instead. And the rest is history, of course.

[Source: YouTube]