Fully Charged: OnePlus exec seeks Samsung internship and the new Black Ops III trailer

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OnePlus founder's odd proposal

The launch of the OnePlus 2 was supposed to go smoother than the first, but shipping times have been slow, and the invite system has rankled potential buyers again. Company co-founder Carl Pei owned up to the issues in a personal blog post this week, but also floated a rather odd proposal.

He wants to intern for Samsung. Seriously! Well, maybe seriously - the post is still cocky in nature, with Pei reiterating OnePlus' plans to disrupt industry leaders before mentioning Samsung's sagging sales. But he also says he wants to learn from Samsung about scaling a business, and says he'd be happy to share OnePlus' own lessons. And take on a Samsung executive as a OnePlus intern, too.

In reality, what he's looking for sounds more like a partnership than an internship, but in any case, we're guessing Samsung won't be too keen to the request. After all, OnePlus is hot on Samsung's tail when it comes to today's top handsets.

[Source: Carl Pei via 9to5Google]

October's free PlayStation games

Got a current PlayStation platform? Got a PlayStation Plus subscription? If both are true, you've got new free games coming your way on 6 October. And the lineup is led by some really strong titles, starting with the long-awaited release of intense indie platformer Super Meat Boy on PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Joining it on both platforms is Broken Age, the charming adventure game from Double Fine, along with puzzle adventure Unmechanical: Extended, which is also on PS3. Vita owners will also get access to Kickbeat and Kung Fu Rabbit, which are both also on PS3, plus the PS3 version of Chariot will be free next month, as well.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]

Black Ops III story trailer

And finally, here's a new story trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, which digs deeper into the tale that'll drive the co-op campaign - but only on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, since the last-gen versions won't have a campaign mode.