Fully Charged: Game of Thrones to air simultaneously worldwide, and Google Calendar hits iPhone

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Game of Thrones will air almost everywhere at the same time

HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones is reportedly the most-pirated show on television, with a large chunk of that attributed to viewers outside the United States who can’t wait for local airings. So the company plans to do something about it: run the show simultaneously around the world.

It’ll take place on the various HBO networks around the globe, as well as carrier partners in certain categories, although the timing may be awkward for some countries. The entire fifth season will run like this, letting everyone stay on the same page (and hopefully better avoid Twitter spoilers).

[Source: The Verge]

Google Calendar hits iPhone

The super-slick mobile overhaul of Google Calendar is now available on iPhone, following its launch on Android in November. It’s the first time that Calendar has had a dedicated iOS app, and it looks really great, with a smooth scrolling interface that pulls photos, maps, and other images to spice up the events view.

But it’s also smart, grabbing events from Gmail messages and letting you add in contacts for events. And its Assists (as seen in Google’s Inbox app) make it easy to add your own events by suggesting themes, locations, friends, and more. Google Calendar is available now from the App Store.

[Source: Official Gmail Blog]