Fully Charged: 2015's worst passwords and another victory for Apple against Samsung

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2015's worst passwords

Got a complicated password? Good - that puts you ahead of the seeming majority of people who don't put any effort into protecting their accounts. That's our takeaway from the release of the 25 worst passwords of 2015, compiled from data of more than two million leaked accounts primarily from North American and Western European users.

The passwords "123456" and "password" lead the list - no change from last year, sadly - while other top entries include "qwerty," "football," "12345678," and the newly popular "starwars." Another year, another embarrassing list. Hit the source link below for the full chart, and please change your info if you see anything especially familiar on that list.

[Source: TeamsID]

Another Apple victory over Samsung

In what ended up being a huge shoulder shrug of a legal decision, a United States court finally agreed with Apple that Samsung can't sell certain phones in the U.S. due to patent infringement issues. Only those phones are all ancient - like the Galaxy S III and original Galaxy Note - and aren't being sold new anywhere anyway.

"We are very disappointed," Samsung said in a statement to Bloomberg. "While this will not impact American consumers, it is another example of Apple abusing the judicial system to create bad legal precedent, which can harm consumer choice for generations to come."

Samsung already paid US$548 million to Apple in December for the long-delayed resolution to another part of this case, and Apple turned around and asked for another US$180 million - no word on whether that request will go anywhere. But at least this particular ruling isn't likely to mean any real damage for Samsung, given the extreme age of the blocked phones.

[Source: Bloomberg]

Pee-wee's Netflix teaser

Paul Reubens will don the slim Pee-wee Herman suit once again for the Netflix original movie Pee-wee's Big Holiday, and yesterday the company revealed that the flick will hit the streaming service on 18 March. Check out the first teaser above.

[Source: YouTube]