Fujifilm’s Instax Wide 300 is an instant camera for the digital age

Fujifilm serves up a plate o’ retro photography with the Instax Wide 300 camera. That’s right, instant prints, NOT digital files... Colour us intrigued!

Digital cameras might be the coolest use of silicon since the Space Shuttle, but let’s face it, the hipsters are right - photography seems to have lost its charm. And you know what we need? An old-fashioned instant camera!

Fujifilm’s new Instax Wide 300 is as far removed from your smartphone camera as you could imagine. No megapixels to worry about, no Instagram effects to apply. Nope, it’s an old-school, retro-as-flared-jeans-and-vinyl-records kind of gadget. Slot in some Instax Wide film, tell your pals to make smile (and no duckfaced pouts, please), and click. And no, instead of you Whatsapping them all the pics later, you just get to pull out a proper print. Sounds way cooler than whatever smartphone you’re using, doesn’t it? Yup, whip out the Instax Wide 300 at a party and you’ll probably get more attention than a Bollywood star dressed like a space pirate.

But the Instax Wide 300 isn’t some lowly instant camera the ’70s forgot. There’s fill-flash, a tripod socket, a 1/64 - 1/200 sec exposure range, and yup, even easy exposure compensation and an optical viewfinder. And it’s got another thing going for it that other instant cameras lack - the 86x108mm film. Pretty much double the width of other instant film, it’s wide enough to capture your entire gang without having to ask people to squeeze together like sardines in rush hour.  

Want to grab a slice of retro photography for yourself? The Instax Wide 300 has a list price of 9550 and is available at leading retailers.