Friday the 13th game lets you be Jason - or a camp counselor

Horror film classic will be an asymmetric multiplayer game if the Kickstarter succeeds

Last year, development studio Gun Media announced plans to create a multiplayer-centric game inspired by legendary slasher flick Friday the 13th - and then the original film's director took note.

Impressed by the team's passion for the subject matter and attention to detail, director Sean S. Cunningham worked Gun Media to secure the rights to the horror franchise. And with that, Summer Camp is now known as Friday the 13th: The Game. And it's on Kickstarter right now, attempting to raise at least US$700,000 to fund production of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC game.

The premise is undeniably appealing: it's an asymmetric multiplayer game with one online player against seven on an opposing squad. On one end, Jason Voorhees, the masked murderer at the center of the franchise. On the other end? A group of camp counselors, based on typical horror movie tropes ("The Jock," "The Girl Next Door"), working together to stay alive and defeat Jason.

In addition to participation from the original director, Jason Voorhees actor himself Kane Hodder will reprise the role, as well as help coordinate motion capture and stunts for the game. Special effects master Tom Savini is also involved, along with original composer Harry Manfredini.

The crowdfunding campaign began earlier today, and has already raised more than US$130,000, or nearly one-fifth of the total funding amount. Spending US$25 (₹1625) will earn you a download code for the game, which is set to deliver in October 2016, although there are much more elaborate packages available.

For example, for US$1,000, you'll have your name on a tombstone in the game, and will be added to a listing of past camp counselors. And for US$10,000, you can buy your way into the game as a playable camp counselor. One of the four slots for that reward has already been filled! It shouldn't be long before the campaign is fully funded, and the studio is already teasing stretch goals for higher funding amounts.

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