Forget the official micro NES – the Analogue Nt mini is the vintage Nintendo console you want

Redesigned to be smaller, better-equipped and cheaper, it’s old-school meets high-end

I’ve seen this before. The Analogue Nt, right?

Correct; it was originally announced over two years ago – a premium-level modern console, made of aluminium, that played classic NES games. And not just a few select favourites – this thing would play nice with any NES or Famicom cartridge you jammed in its slot.

But the makers have just given it an update, and now it’s even more desirable.

What’s new?

Well, it’s 20 percent smaller than the original and now comes with a 1080p-compatible HDMI output built in (previously, you had to order an external adapter at a $50 premium), as well as a wireless NES30 controller and adapter. The latter lets you play your old games with modern wireless controllers like the Sony DualShock 3 or Wii Remote.

There’s also an expansion port, which means you can add a Famicom Disk System, should you own a working example, and play all those games too.

It looks much the same, though…

That’s right, because the overall design remains – as does the solid aluminium body. It’s milled from a single block of metal, in much the same way as an Apple Mac.

But it’s not official, is it?

No. If you want something made by Nintendo, there’s always the Classic Mini edition of the NES – but that only comes with 30 (admittedly fantastic) pre-installed titles. The Analogue Nt mini can play anything; in fact, the makers say there are around 2,000 compatible games.

And the price for this all?

Well, it ain’t cheap, but it is cheaper than the older version. The console is available for pre-order at the Analogue site for US$449, which currently converts to about 30,000. Yeah, you could buy a PS4 or Xbox One for about that much – but who ever said nostalgia comes at a low price?