‘Fitternity Live’ and ‘Personal Coach’ are fitness and consultation solutions during lockdown

Expert guidance at home…

Everyone is trying to adopt newer ways of keeping fit and innovative ways of engaging the burdened-with-housework peeps out there to recharge their batteries via exercise.

While it’s a great therapy for the lockdown-induced tired mind of yours, for those who’re finding it difficult to keep a fixed time for workouts, there’s virtual consultation services now in place. Thanks to Fitternity, you train under expert guidance, fix schedules that suit you and have regular follow-ups to chart out the progress.

‘Personal Coach’ is a one-on-one service wherein you receive personal attention from a trainer to help achieve your fitness goals for a small fee of ₹999 per month. ‘Fitternity Live’ is a live streaming service that one can sign up for as low as ₹100 per session, browse through classes curated by over a 1000 fitness centres and trainers across India and select which class works best for them.

The ‘Video On Demand’ service is a free service (until April 30) that allows you to access workout videos from top celebrity trainers and fitness coaches. So go on, treat the lockdown as an opportunity and learn to juggle work and demands of the household, and make your home your fitness trove!