Fitbit’s activity trackers are now officially available in India

Activity tracking pioneer Fitbit brings its entire range to Amazon India

Can’t work up the enthusiasm to hit the gym or the running track? Perhaps getting a shiny new activity tracker might be the geek-spark you need.

The Zip and One are your entry point into fitness tracking.

Getting you onto the activity tracking ladder are the Zip and One. The rain- and splash-proof Fitbit Zip (3990) is the most basic of the bunch and tracks just your steps, but that also gives it a battery life of 4-6 months. Up next is the One (6990), which adds in a stair-climbing feature. The Zip and One aren’t exactly wearables – you can’t strap them onto your wrist – but with their rugged build and small form factor, they can easily slip into your pocket.

Move up a step with the Flex, Charge, and Charge HR.

Slightly more serious about your health? Then you might also want to track your sleeping patterns. The Flex (6990) band might lack a display, but makes up with the addition of a sleep-tracking feature that keeps track of the duration and quality of your sleep. Its bigger brother, the Charge (9990), gets an OLED display, which lets it mirror notifications from your phone – and also lets you keep track of your daily progress without referring to the Fitbit app. The Charge HR (12,990) gives you continuous heart rate tracking – a great way of measuring your overall fitness and stress levels.

Training for a marathon? Get the Fitbit Surge.

But if you want the ultimate in activity tracking, it has to be the Surge. A rather chunky device, the Surge might not win any style awards, but then, it’s not really aimed at the casual end of the market. Nope, the Fitbit Surge is squarely targeted at the serious runner or fitness nut – continuous heart rate tracking, music playback control, phone notification access, multi-sport tracking and, of course, in-built GPS make this the activity tracker to buy if you’re training for a marathon, or are otherwise a bit of a fitness freak. The Surge, at 19,990, doesn’t come cheap, but then, if you’re the sort who wakes up at 5am just so you can get in a few miles before breakfast, you probably won’t complain.

A smart scale? What will they think of next?

And finally, Fitbit’s also getting the Aria Smart Scale over. Get weight and BMI tracking for the entire family, sync stats to your Fitbit app over Wi-Fi and give the math genius inside you a treat with easy-to-follow stats and graphs. The Aria will retail for 9990.

The folks over at Fitbit also lay a lot of emphasis on their apps – pointing out to the social features that let you get encouragement (and possibly, a lot of jokes about how lazy you are) from your pals, the calorie intake menu which now includes Indian food (yup, now you can’t ignore the samosas you had for tea), and the ability to switch between devices – so you could wear a Surge on your morning run, the Charge when hanging out at the mall and the small-and-discreet One when at a wedding.

Fitbit’s entire range will be sold exclusively via Amazon India. Pre-orders are on at present, with sale starting July 3, 2015.