Fitbit brings its FitStar training platform to India

No more excuses. Keep that chocolate brownie down. Get up. Log on. Get fit

FitStar keeps things simple to offer personalised, no-fuss exercises to the office worker, the busy exec and the harried student

Activity trackers are more like your iPhone than you’d think. Think about it – your smartphone’s pretty useless without a data plan, right? So how much use do you think you’d get out of an activity tracker without a fitness plan to follow? Okay, if you’re one of those super-fit, super-active weirdos who guzzle protein shakes for lunch and think a 10km run in the rain makes for a great after-dinner stroll, you’ll be just fine. But what about the rest of us, the folks who hit their activity target only on the days the office lift’s broken

That’s where Fitbit’s FitStar comes in – it’s a personal training system that evolves with you. Using feedback, personalised workouts and exercise routines designed for people who might not have the time to head over to a fancy (and overpriced) gym, FitStar promises to get you in better shape than you’ve ever been. As of now, you’ll find tonnes of exercises that don’t need fancy equipment or too much space. They’ve also got yoga asanas on offer internationally, and while Indian users can’t access these right now (surprisingly!), they should be arriving sometime soon.

Made up your mind to take your fitness training to the next level? FitStar’s available for your iOS devices or through a web browser. Join for free or subscribe to the unlimited plan for 490 a month / 2500 a year.