Fitbit and Strava team up to take fitness tracking to the next level

Two health-tracking giants team up to help you keep on top of your fitness

Fitbit and Strava have announced that they’re teaming up to offer in-depth tracking for fitness fans.

Fitbit devices are aimed at tracking daily activities like steps taken, calories burned and heart rate. The Strava app on the other hand, focuses on tracking cyclists and runners, recording their stats and sharing them with their friends in the Strava community.

The new partnership means that more detailed Fitbit data (like your heart rate), will automatically sync with Strava, providing more detailed workout information which can help users improve their performance over time.

Information sharing also works both ways. Athletes that track their activity using the Strava app will be credited in their Fitbit exercise logs, letting them combine their Strava workouts with more passive daily stats like steps taken and amount slept.

We’re hoping to see more apps and fitness trackers reach this level of two-way integration, as it’ll be a welcome change to the convoluted separate apps, smartwatches and health bands currently available.