The Fitbit Alta HR might be ultra-slim but it packs a punch

Finally, a sleek-n-sexy fitness band that doesn’t skimp on the features

Fitness bands are a dime a dozen, but most make you look like an extra from a cheesy sci-fi flick. Or, they try to go heavy on the style but then can’t find space for the features you want. Well, Fitbit just might have sorted this out.

Fitbit’s Alta was a fitness tracker for the style conscious - it was slim, with a subtle design, and didn’t scream ‘desk warrior losing the battle with the bulge’. But it did lack one vital feature - a heart rate sensor. The new Alta HR remedies that. It’s as slim as the Alta (the world’s slimmest tracker with 24x7 heart rate monitoring, in fact) - but manages to pack in advanced features you’d expect from your next new fitness accessory.



Accessorise or exercise?

First up, it’s a looker, indeed - using, as far as we can tell, the same design as the Alta. You get a choice of colours, and can even pick between a bunch of bands - and yup, there’s metal and leather on the list.


Guts of steel

But since you’re a serious fitness nut (right?), you care more about what the Alta HR can do?

Well, it’s got PurePulse heart rate tracking which means better calorie burn estimation and a clearer look at how your workouts are progressing. There’s an OLED display, 7-day battery life, SmartTrack auto-exercise recognition, inactivity alerts, auto sleep tracking (a forthcoming update will add sleep stage analysis), and call, text and calendar alerts.

The Fitbit Alta HR range starts off at ₹14,999, with the special editions (gunmetal or rose gold) listing at ₹16,999. You can also pick up the accessory bands (₹2999 for a ‘classic’ band, ₹5999 for leather, and ₹9999 for steel) while you’re at it. The Alta HR is exclusive to Amazon India for now (pre-orders start March 15), but will come to other offline and online retailers from mid-April.