First Steam Machines go on sale 10th November – but pre-orderers may get them early

Dell and Valve reveal specs and pricing for the petite but powerful Alienware Steam Machine

Thinking of buying one of the first Steam Machines off the production line? Then etch the date “10th November” into your brain, because that’s when the initial batch of compact, Steam OS-powered PCs will arrive in stores.

Dell announced that its Alienware Steam Machine will be sent out even earlier to many of those who pre-order it. It could be in customers’ living rooms as early as 16th October, in fact.

US-based customers will be able to pre-order the PC from today, 4th June, either from the Steam site itself or GameStop. Not all customers will get their pre-orders early – only an unspecified select few – but apparently you’ll be told when pre-ordering when to expect it to arrive.

The Alienware Steam Machine will be available in four configurations, ranging from US$449 (about ₹28,700) to US$749 (47,900). The top-end model has Intel Core i7, Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card, 8GB of RAM, 1TB of hard disk space and a Steam Controller. Extra controllers will be sold for US$49 (₹3100), as will the Steam Link, a device that wirelessly connects any TV to your PC, Mac or Steam Machine.

We’re still waiting on details of a UK release date and pricing for the Alienware or any other Steam Machine. We’ll let you know when we get them.

[Source: Polygon]